Monday, October 22, 2007

Cyber Bullying

Oh my goodness you have no idea how much I hate Cyber bulling! It is awful! People just don't understand how hurtfull it is! You are all alone and know body is around to stand up for you. It can be text messenging, e-mail, MSN, or anything digital! How would you like it if you were texting back and forth and all of a sudden you get a messege saying "she said you blah blah blah" It is auful! You get all these feelings inside you like ''what am i going to and I didn't say anything!!!!" Some people let cyber bullying take over there lives! Stand up! stand up for Bullying. Say NO to Cyber Bullying!!! Lock it up!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Standing up for Yourself

Over The past couple of years people have been pretty mean. When I was younger And someone would say something rude right to my face I would run behind I tree and cry. But now that I am older If someone wants to say something rude to me I will say something rude back. I am not going to let anyone push me around. And niether should you. Sure, when someone says something rude to me I would say something worse. But... As I think about it that always isn't the best thing. I mean as everyone says "one wrong doesn't make a right" But...I guess you have to do what feels best. You can be rude back...If it's nessecary or if someone says " You are so dumb you should go back two grades" just say something like "Oh well." or "I guess it sucks to be me." That's what I would do.

Monday, April 9, 2007


I like School on some occasions. I like School when were doing something fun. I like school when I am getting along with my friends. I hate school on test days and on Days when I am not getting along with my friends.
School is just another place where kids can get bullied is my way of seeing it. Girls go there to get boyfriends and to gossip or make friends. Boys go there... well...God knows why boys go school. my best guess is to 1. be rude 2. Get girls 3. well i haven't thought of a third reason.
I get good grades so I am not so worried about tests and what-not. But I'll tell you what I am worried about at school. What I always will be worried about is fitting in. If their were no school I don't think I would care so much, and maybe that's why I think school is jsut another place for kids to get bullied.
I don't think school is a waste of time i just think their should be less socailization, And not everyone will agree with me. Excpesially the ones who get bullied. you know who you are.

Ugh Boys

Personally in my opinion boys are annoying rude losers, though about 2 out of 10 boys are nice senstive people. Most boys will be rude when it's just him, you and a whole bunch of other people. Though if it's just the two of you he's more likely to be nice and sensitive...Okay maybe not sensitve but nice. Nice for sure.

Maybe you think, "I want to be just friends" is just some saying off of the movies but it's not. Lots of boys just want to be friends.

I think I am a little sexist because When a friend says,"The boys are coming!" I will still reply as, " Ugh boys!"

Sunday, April 1, 2007

It's Hard...I Know

The hardest thing I have gone through so far in my middle ages is trying to fit in. People are trying to change their bodies, and people are are ditching their old friends to make better new ones. But sometimes what happens is you ditch your old friends and you can't make new ones. You can't get your old ones back that easily - that's "hard".

Sometimes girls will try and change their personalities and owns capabilities to make other people like them more. For instance theyll will make their school marks go down on purpose, and will act different. Girls like me will do crazy things to make other people like them but you have to try and forget about those other people. It's hard. I Know.

The "In Crowd"

Being in Grade Six isn't always easy. It is hard to get along with everyone, because there are so many different people with so many different personalities. Some are bossy. Some are quiet. Some are annoying. I'm none of these things. Instead I'm a little bit of everything - good that is.

Everyone wants to be with the "in" crowd. People will do almost anything to hang out with them. They really don't do anything too exciting, but everyone wants to be there. Some of the people who are in with the "in" crowd all of the time, don't even realize what is like to not be with the in crowd. Sometimes I'm with the in crowd and sometimes I'm not. I really don't think that I do anything different, but maybe they think I do. Sometimes I try hard to get to hang with them, and sometimes I don't care.


My name is Maddi, and I am going to create my first blog! I'm going to write about adolescent problems - what it is like to be twelve.

Peer Pressure